BioLite Home Stove

  1. 50% Less Wood Consumed – Time and Cash Savings
  2. 95% Smoke Reduction – Improved Health
  3. Nearly Eliminates Black Carbon – Protects Climate
  4. Generates Electricity – Charges Phones & LED Lights


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6 Responses to BioLite Home Stove

  1. geoffrey swain says:

    I occupy a live-in office of 57m2 is super insulated, but needs approximately 2/3kw. of heat in those winter days when indoor temperature descends to 12/14 degrees C. I plan to use the stove in my traditional fireplace with a reduced flue size of 10cm. stainless tube to cook feijoada or cozido portuguese or similar long cook recipes, in a 5/8 litre pot……the residual heat that rises towards the flue outlet will heat the surrounding freestanding brickwork mass and flue pipe, and assist the indoor temperature towards 17C. Furthermore I can watch the fire in the normal cooking oversight process and thus enjoy the process more. Alfarroba and almond/citrus tree trimmings will supply the majority fuel in the same way way as in traditional vernacular outdoor kitchens which use the open heat source of burning twigs contained by bricks to heat cooking pots, only last much longer and use less fuel and produce zero soot particles……or almost!
    I cant wait to use the stove, so please produce them ASAP!! If this is for the third world, it will be great for me and other low/high tec eco types bought up with post WW2 make do logic.

  2. thomas says:

    It looks like the BioLite Home Stove is still not available to the public yet but the camp stove is available for reservation. That’s a clever idea using it in your chimney. Please let me know how it goes in heating your home.
    Here’s the link on xterus –
    and link to biolite campstove –

  3. Richard Hays says:

    I have a Ghilly Stove and when I can buy a HomeStove I will, as I cook at large 501C3 events and being able to promote your product for the people in this country that suffer under the same problems as other countries you assist; mining communities as an example.
    As a way to keep out “waxed Cardboard” out of land filles, as it is listed as non-recycleable, I have found it to be a great fire starter and fuel in places where materials are wet or smokey when burning.
    Hopefully you will consider the USA a place to help and if you consider it, a portion of the income from it could be a donation toward your non profit ventures
    Thank you, Richard Hays

  4. Anita Brenberger says:

    I echo the question of others, WHEN WILL IT BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN THE US? Many people in this country are at the point that they are living no better than those in third world countries. The only differences is the US Govt will help those in the third world countries. With the economy in the current state, and soon to be worse after the 6th of Nov 2012, you seriously need to start offering these for sale in the US. Mind you, I know we will be way over charged, but at least make them availableto us for Gods sake!

  5. Sourisack Phanmeesai says:


    How much is this product cost and when is a product will be available to the market?

    Respectfully yours,

  6. thomas says:

    This product is not available for retail and no mention as to when it will be.

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