2012 Survival Go Bag

Cash – $100 in small bills

2 Bottles of water
Iodine Tablets
Non-perishable foods and snacks
2 x Emergency Blanket (one use for shelter)
Fuel and Backpacking Stove
Pot for cooking
Spoon & Fork
Self rechargeable radio
Roll of duct tape
Roll of Toilet Paper

Clothing (multiply by persons)
1 beaner hat

Outer layer:
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof pants
Wool Gloves

Under layer:
1 t-shirt
1 thermal shirt
1 wool type sweater
1 thermal pants
1 pants
1 pair extra socks

Waterproof boots
Photo ID

Diarrhea and fever medication

*Also don’t forget
Spouse and Kids

*update 11-19-12

I was able to stuff all this in my bookbag I used in college. This is what i have so far listed from upper left to bottom right
tyvex (tarp) for shelter, 100′ rope, stainless steel cup, emergency blankets, electrical tape (somehow i feel there is a need for it), iodine tablets, burn anywhere matches, swiss army knife, 2 bottle of water, duct tape, foldable shovel, strike anywhere matches in waterproof ziplock bag, empty water bladder to transport water, harbor freight flash light (free with coupon), fork & spoon, motion sick med, ibuprofen for fevers, fever med for kiddies, and anti-diarrhea (fever and dehydration in an emergency situation can kill)

Give yourselves a pat on the back for surviving 12/21/12 ;). Even though Armageddon didn’t come, having a go bag on a ready to go basis is never a bad idea. Who knows when the next super storm might roll by or earthquake or anything else.  It might seem far fetch in certain areas of the country but with global warming everything is out of whack.  Being a little prepared increases your likely hood of survival by a lot.


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