AA Battery Headlamp – 300 Lumen


If you need a ultralight and versatile single AA battery headlamp for your backpacking needs, Zebralight’s H52 is the light for you.  Forget about looking at the other brands of multiple led bulb headlights such as Black Diamond, Petzl, Princeton and especially over priced Surefire. This single led headlight will out perform them in weightlessness, brightness and  battery life. I have been dependent on my Zebralight headlamp for multiple trips and it hasn’t failed me yet.

  • LED: Cree XM-L2
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of the each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels.
  • Light Output (runtimes) ranges High: H1 300 Lm (0.9 hrs) – 0.01 Lm (3 months)
  • Beacon Strobe Mode
  • Light output with 14500 batteries are the same except that the H1 is 535Lm for the first minute and then step down to300Lm.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V – 4.2V
  • Battery: One 1.5V AA (NiMH, lithium or alkaline) or 3.7V 14500 li-ion rechargeable. Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Weight 2.9 oz with an AA battery and headband
  • Waterproof

$64 (available pre-order) via www.zebralight.com

review to come, ship date Nov. 15


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