DIY Thai Enep

I saw a really cool unique knife a while back. For some reason it came to me again and I found out it was called a Thai Enep. They are used as a machete and even as a throwing knife. I am going to attempt to make a “miniature” one with some metal I have ordered last year. My goal here is to make it small enough to be light weight but at the same time big enough for splitting logs … maybe really really thick twigs 😉

What I will be using –

0.125″ 4130 Alloy Steel ANNEALED Sheet
1.5 inches x 10 inches

Purchased from for $3.75 (priced as of 9/21/12)


I almost forgot to take of photo of the stock metal. You could kind of see the penciled outline of the knife.


Here is the rough cut. You can see the draft of the intended design.


I replaced my Bosch T118A blade since it got dull from the previous knives. I tried using a Bosch T118G. It had even finer teeth than the T118A but got dull supper quick. The teeth basically smooth out. I then tried to use Harbor Freight T118B. You can see from the picture how it crapped out as well. Harbor Freight T118A performed surprisingly well. I bought a set of mixed blades for $12 but you can get a pack of T118A’s for $6.


Filed down edges.


Right side of blade partially filed down.


Left side rough removal of material (sharpening) up to marked area.


I tried using foil to shield the spine from heat but failed : Turns out the mapp gas just melted the aluminum foil away lol. The used motor oil was used to quench the blade after the met temperature.


Using just the mapp gas wasn’t enough to bring the blade up to temperature (when blade is yellowish color). I needed a make shift kiln to establish the temperature.


This is what i have “brewing” in the back. I got 2 pieces of wooded slate with some nice grains that I decided to use. They have been soaking in wood hardener for 2 days. (The two black pieces are just weight to prevent the wood from floating)


I drilled some holes in the handle to receive mosaic pins I had remaining from previous projects and lanyard.


Applying epoxy to the wood slates. I normally use 30min epoxy which allowed plenty of time to adjust the fittings. This time I use 5min epoxy because that is what HF had. I must admit you have a really small window to get it right. The epoxy started setting even after 2 mins.


Clamping minimizes the gap between slate and tang.


Final product. I took a couple of whacks at this dried branch. It bit well… well indeed ;D

Sheath Update 8/19/13

20130813_081234 20130813_081222

Made a custom sheath for my enep and moved my Tek lok clip and fire steel over from my other knife. I think its ready for my next trip.


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