DIY Wood gas stove

I originally made a small version of this Wood Gas Stove with two “soup can.” Design based on other Wood Gas Stoves seen on Youtube and also on designs of the Solo Stove.

But as I used it I realized it was a little annoying having to break each twig into such small pieces in order to fit so I decided to make a camping version.

I initially bought this paint can to make the main stove prior to the above prototype but I decided to use it for this one now instead.

20130523_205725 20130523_205848

I use a “Chock full o nuts” coffee can and a small paint can you can get from Home Depot for approx $3 though a soup can might be a better choice since it has a heavier wall.


I mark a circle with the paint can on top of the big can and snipped the hole.


Afterwards I bore holes on both containers and also cut slots and using a can opener cut the bottom off the paint can.


This is the stepping hole drill I used. It’s surprisingly good. (purchased from Harbor Freight – $12 set of 2)


I use a computer fan grill for the bottom grill.


I then used rivets to fasten the grill to place. (*important – use steel rivets)


Putting them together this is what you get. Plus I can use the original Chock full o nut lid too 😀


Because the paint can sat loose in the big can I brazed the cans together. Ive heard you can use J-B weld as well.


Snapshot of test run. The wood was actually filled half way but you can see the flame happening near the top. This is the secondary combustion. While flame is going it’s pretty smokeless. I’ve even tried throwing in some wet wood.



Trying out the stove. Worked out really nice. The smoke was minimum. I was able to easily feed the fire. I think I need to design a better stove ring though.


One thing that alot of DIY gas stove shared on the web was that the inner cans had holes on the bottom for air flow. I decided to take a slightly different and a bit more labored approach by cutting holes on the side imitating the Solo Stove design. I think the significance in this design pulls air to the side of the stove thus drawing air to the top holes for secondary combustion.


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