MSR Dragonfly Muffler

On my last trip, a 2 night 3 day trip on the AT I was excited to start using my MSR Dragonfly. The main reason I bought this stove is so I can start using gasoline as a fuel source instead of constantly buying butane/propane mix tank and normally debating at the end of the trip if I should keep the partially used up tank for the next trip.

The first thing I quickly notice was how loud this thing was. You can barely have a regular level conversation on its simmering mode. This is the major reason why I started looking into something to shut this thing up right after the trip. I found a stove cap online and on ebay called the DragonTamer which I was really excited to get my hands on until I saw how much it was going for.

The DragonTamer stove cap was my inspiration to built one on my own. Through a lot of research, because stove caps aren’t the most popular topics and with trials and errors and plenty more errors I ended up with this “Dragonfly Muffler.” (this was the first term I searched on google for when I started my research)


  • made with lightweight 4130 aircraft grade stainless steel
  • weights 1.5oz (more precisely, equivalent to 7 quarters. small price to pay for some peace and quite)
  • no underburn (tested with minimum and maximum flame for 60mins each)
  • boils 16oz of water 30 secs faster in both medium and max flame compare to original deflector.
  • stove can fold with stove cap on
  • snug fit (prevents from accidentally loosening and falling out while at camp site, actually once used its takes a bit to get it out)

* precaution – do not leave it out in the rain may develop rust spots.



2 thoughts on “MSR Dragonfly Muffler

  • June 5, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    Great job on the muffler!! I just rebuilt a dragonfly a friend gave me and fired it up tonight. Burns great but it is so loud. I’ve been looking for a DIY muffler. Cant believe what they want online for them!!
    Could you send me the specs on the muffler you built? I’d appreciate it.


  • July 23, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Hi Frank, I honestly don’t have the drawn specs to this project anymore. Probably lost it during my move. Might be actually more cost effective to buy from online now. and . I just found these from the original DragonTamers website. They are going for under $40. At the time that I was making mine, they were going for $400 on ebay. Not exaggerating. I’ve spent more on drill press, drill bits, hole drill, mapp gas, silver solder, small and large metal tubing and metal sheet. Plus tediously drilling those little holes. Have fun with your DragonFly! -Thomas

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