DIY Kydex Sheath

Materials to make this:
1 x     CKK Rivet/Eyelet Flaring Dies – Journeyman Series – #8 – (1/4)     $24.95
1 x     KYDEX™ Sheet – (.08 Black)     $5.70
1 x     Eyelets – #8-8 (1/4) – Black Finish – (for .080 KYDEX™/HOLSTEX™) – 100 Pack     $12.95
1 x     Belt Loops – Tek-Lok – (Large)     $10.75
1 x     Sheath Making Foam – (12×11.5×1) – (KYDEX™/Concealex)     $10.95
1 x     Chicago Screws – Black Coated – #8 – (.1875 x .250) – 10 Pack    $3.60
Total    $68.90

There is a mini tek-lok version which would be lighter but I decided on the Tek-Lok large because of the built-in fail-safe as oppose to the mini where its a separate piece that you might lose. The fail-safe prevents you from accidentally unclipping your sheath.

I made my own kydex press instead of spending $85 for one. I purchase the sheath making foam since it rated to take high temperatures. I cut the foam in half to make my press. 6×11.5 is good enough for the sheath sizes that I will be making.

For the press I used two 12x12x3/4 wood board, two 12x1x3/4 and a old hinge that I found.

Prepare your blade with 2 layer or masking tape on both sides. This will provide a nice little gap to prevent debris from scratching your blade.

Pre-measure the kydex to wrap around your knife. Cut it in 1 sheet so that you would fold to cover the knife. Score the kydex with a blade or hobby knife. You don’t need to cut all the way through since you can snap it easily. I cut mine to 4×12.

To heat the kydex I used a $7 heat gun from Harbor Freight. You can also use a toaster oven, just keep close watch. Wear gloves, it gets hot. Its ready when you can flap the kydex around like a piece of paper, fold it around your knife.

Here is a pic of my contraption

Put the entire setting to the press and you can stand on top of it or clamp it down for 5 – 10 mins. I found that clamping it and then screw tight the clamp yield best results.

Draw a pencil out line from the shape of the blade on your kydex sheath. This outline should give you an idea of the final shape of the sheath.

Pre-mark the holes with a pencil with the tek-lok mounting holes as a template.

Use a 3/16 drill bit to drill the holes.

Make sure you clear any debris that might be sandwiched in your sheath before you tap tight the rivets.

Good luck!

More pics to come when I get the chance.

I forgot to mention I purchase all my stuff from


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