Ultrafire 502b vs Zebralight H600

Ultralight 3.8 oz
with battery 5.4 oz
Battery: 18650
Cost of light $12
Modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS

Zebralight 1.2 oz
with battery 2.85
Battery: 18650
Cost of light $90
Modes: High, sub-high, hidden strobe, Medium, sub-medium, Low and sub-low

Both of the lights uses the Cree XML T6 led. From what I can tell visually they both output about the same amount of lumens. This makes sense since they both use the same battery and same diode. So being that H600 is advertise at 750 max lumens and 502B advertised at 1000 or sometimes more, I think Zebralight is a little more honest about the results. The 502B and H600 also lack flood control. You can tell from the images above, the 502B’s beam is more focus compared to H600’s.

First thing I’ve noticed when playing with the 502b is the lack of button memory. This is where the light stays on the last setting when you turn it on. I read in some reviews where some 502bs are advertise as with memory but not in my case. This can get annoying when the next mode happens to be strobe or SOS or if you are in need of low light and have to cycle through in order to get there.

The H600 activates on High or can start on low if you hold the button longer. Particularly useful when you need a light inside your tent and don’t want to blind yourself. For more functional details on the Zebralight H600 follow this link to the product website.

In conclusion, you get for what you pay for. For my backpacking needs I would definitely bring my Zebralight and back it up with another Zebralight but for home/car/camping use I would go with the Ultrafire 502b.

(I know this is not a fair comparison with one light being high-end/headlamp and the other being budget/flashlight but I am writing this for the same reason why I bought the Ultrafire after I purchase the Zebralight… for the fun of it. Maybe someone will gain something from this)


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